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available in 3 sizes

WONDERSTRIPES (M+L) 32 + 20 strips

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  • WONDERSTRIPES – The latest beauty trick of stars - Say good bye to droopy eyes!
    Simply beautiful eyes in just seconds...
    The skin friendly eyelid correction tape creates a fresh, radiant look and overall younger appereance.
    Also ideal for drooping eyelids.

    - transparent & comfortable
    - easy & fast to apply
    - skin friendly & dermatologically tested
    - available in 3 sizes

    Order now to get that fresh & radiant look!
    52 strips (size M & L) for only AUS $27 plus postage.

    Order 2 or more WONDERSTRIPES packs & receive FREE POSTAGE!
  • 5 Easy steps for a radiant, fresh & younger look!
    1. Cleanse eyelid with non oily (!)  FACE TONIC
    2. Remove a strip from the silver foil
    3. Tilt your head slightly backwards
    4. Stick the strip into the eyelid crease
    5. WOW!

  • Content: 32 beauty tapes size M and 20 beauty tapes size L.

    Measurement of one strip size S: 2.4cm long and 0.2cm wide (at widest point)
    Measurement of one strip size L: 3.1cm long and 0.3cm wide (at widest point)

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