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Frequently Asked Questions & Video Tutorial

What WONDERSTRIPES size should I buy? 
A general recommendation is: 
- Size S for slightly droopy eyes or small eyes
- Size M for droopy eyes
- Size L for big or very hooded eyes

Size S
for small round eyes with slightly drooping eyelid

Size M
for average sized, round & oval shaped eyes with defined hooded eyelid

Size L
best suited to large, oval shaped eyes with slight to defined hooded eyelid

Still not sure? Why not start with our Trial Pack  which includes all sizes.

How do I apply WONDERSTRIPES? 
Important: The eyelid needs to be dry and must be cleansed and free from any oils, moisturisers etc. Cleanse your eyelids with a gentle face tonic or warm face washer. We highly recommend WONDERSTRIPES Face TonicWith a pair of tweezers or fingernail remove one wonderstripe carefully from the silver foil. We find the easiest way is to slowly slide your fingernail under the corner of the strip. Find that very fine crease/ wrinkle on your upper lid. Apply the strip very carefully onto this crease. If you have never tried this product before, you may need several attempts to find the most effective spot on your lid to apply the tape for maximum effect. Still not sure then check out our VIDEOS and before and after photo gallery. The videos and below online tutorial will assist you in applying WONDERSTRIPES correctly.

Are the tapes reusable?
No, the tapes are used only once.

Do you feel the tapes on the eyelid?
No, you do not feel them on your eyelid. WONDERSTRIPES are ultra thin and very comfortable to wear.

How long do the tapes stay on the eyelid?
WONDERSTRIPES last the whole day and when needed also all night :-)

Can I apply makeup over WONDERSTRIPES?
Yes, WONDERSTRIPES can be worn with eye shadow and other makeups. Important: dab the eye shadow onto the tape, DO NOT RUB!

Can I use WONDERSTRIPES on sensitive skin?
Yes, WONDERSTRIPES are dermatologically tested and can be used even on very sensitive skin. Should however an allergic reaction occur, we strongly advise to stop using this product.

Are the tapes visible on my eyes?
WONDERSTRIPES are made of skin friendly, transparent silicone, they are applied into the crease of the upper lid and are not visible when applied correctly. A real beauty secret. Have fun!